Paper Doll

19 05 2010

After a bit of work I have finished my paper doll creation. I complete made, and measured the doll myself based off of another paper doll model I saw before I started. It comes with a number of accessories, and you yourself can make it at home.

It’s simple to set up first cut out the shapes, and accessories along the dotted lines. Glue the slip above the shield onto the back the shield

Then use an exacto knife, or scissors to slice open the slits on the hands. Then insert the slips on the accessories into the hands, and then ta da you have your own Alecs Doll.


Fixer Upper 01

12 05 2010

Here is a picture I found online that was alittle bit melted, and out of shape sadly. So I took it, and worked my photoshop magic on it, and here is what I came up with…




12 05 2010

Here is a rather artistic pieace I created a long time ago, and I still like it. I hope you do as well. Full disclosure though the photograph I’m using isn’t mine.

String Art: An Illustrator Introduction

12 05 2010

Well recently I learned about a fancy art technique called “String Art”. It was pretty popular in the 1970’s if I recall. So now I decided to give it a small revival with my graphic design. Basically I applied the same techniques with the line tool in illustrator. Here is my first design

Silent Hill Remake

12 05 2010

If you know me personally then you know I like the Silent Hill horror game series. So as a homage to them I decided to use my graphic design skills to remake the cd cover.

Here is the original version:

And here is my version:

A small project I did for a group of friends. Its was pretty well recieved, and another cool thing is the photograph is one of my own. It was taken while out camping with my family in Virginia.